#1 Male Urinal with Soft Seal

We saw a problem and created a solution: http://www.male-urinal.com

PROBLEM:  Our Dad was paralyzed from a stroke.  In taking care of him, we tried every product on the market  and  quickly discovered typical urinals spill, catheters are associated with urinary tract infections and diapers are associated with skin breakdowns…and humiliation.

A cheap urinal spills and makes costly problems.  What is the REAL cost of a $6 urinal?  About $3 to $11 per day.  The REAL cost for a urinal that spills includes purchasing and using more blue pads, cleaning soiled and dirty linen, skin care treatment, nursing time and energy to cleanup and care for spills…plus MD costs if it turns into an infection.  Also it can lead to depression, humiliation, exhaustion & frustration.   

SOLUTION: We were caregivers, not product designers but we wanted to make a “better bottle” that didn’t spill so much.  You could say that love created this product.  We designed and patented Number One Male Urinal with Soft Seal and it is a strong solution for helping men managing incontinence.  NUMBER ONE with Soft Seal is effective incontinence manageme

Our patented features have resulted in a better bottle that is slip, tip and spill proof with our Soft Seal band.  Expect fewer spills and a happier gentleman.

Quit cleaning up urine spills…buy #1:   

Shop Now!   Only $15.99

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