Or: what you need to know before you need to know it.

Everyone prepares for college, career or buying a house…..or even choosing a car!  Yet, few truly know the total picture of aging and the potential costs when your health or the health of your loved one changes dramatically.  Few are prepared to realize it is the most expensive and emotional task you will ever take on.  Most people make these decisions (or their families make them) when they are not feel well and are emotionally drained.  That is a tough time to launch into research and make the best plans.

Number One will post a series of topics that hope to plant seeds in your thoughts about what you need to know before you need to know it.  These topics will range from what are the “game changer” illnesses and accidents; basic Medicare and Medicaid facts, options and costs with home health or facilities, the difference between POA’s and Guardians, and the range of Funeral costs etc.

These topics will given from the point of few of a Caregiver and one that has worked in Home Health and Social Services.  The intent of these topics will not be professional advice but  to show you potential stumbling points on the road ahead.



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